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 Tea to settle the nerves

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Carim Raine

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PostSubject: Tea to settle the nerves   Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:57 pm

Carim was not very happy with her parents at this point in time. She was very happy where they were living but they were changing jobs and moving to Michigan. Of all places they had to move some where it got cold six months out of the year.

Carim had to leave all of her friends and to top it off she only had two years left of school, life for her was so not fair. She would have rather jumped of a local bridge if she thought she would make it to the bottom instead of float away with the wind.

Carim had found this little cafe and went inside to have something to drink and maybe some french fries. After placing her order she slammed her head on the table,

"God why do my parents have to ruin my life. "
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Tea to settle the nerves
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