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 Face Claims

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Indrazade Belle

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PostSubject: Face Claims   Sun May 06, 2012 2:10 am

Accola, Candice (Evangeline Belle)
Annable, Odette (Brooklyn Valenzuela)
Barton, Mischa (Aqua Drake)
Cole, Lily (Ignacia Tigris)
Cruz, Penelope (Lidiya Kovachev)
Cuthbert, Elisha (Veronique Destiny)
Dockery, Michelle (Desirée Dimitrova)
Duff, Hilary (Carim Raine)
Dobrev, Nina (Megan Riley)
Egerton, Tamsin (Arya Eberhart)
Eisley, India (Kaylin Zeklos)
Fox, Megan (Indrazade Belle)
Free, Charlotte (Cassiopia Bloodgood)
Gillan, Karen (Kiara Hughes)
Ginzburg, Esti (Elspeth Seraphim)
Hale, Lucy (Averinne Drake)
Heard, Amber (Athena Capulet)
Hudgens, Vanessa (Maeve Calypso)
Jow, Malese (Wonday Lee)
Kerr, Miranda (Rhea Capulet)
Kunis, Mela - (Brooke Whitman)
Lavigne, Avril (Chandler Cross)
Lawrence, Jennifer (Sadie Taylor)
Lee, Amy (Salea Nefrí Marceza)
Leslie, Rose (Jessamine Laugher)
Mckelvie, Helena (Romana Young)
Michele, Lea - (Gabriella Rose)
Moretz, Chloe (Frankie Dubois)
Panabaker, Danielle (Averna Raine)
Panettiere, Hayden, (Nicole Kyrner)
Popplewell, Anna (Alistriana Honeycut)
Poxleitner, Lights (Lydia Wilder)
Rambin, Leven (Katrina Roberts)
Roberts, Nicola (Clementine Smith)
Robertson, Britt (Rosalie Argent)
Roden, Holland (Heather Stark)
Spektor, Regina (Kiva Rain)
Stone, Emma (Julia Carter)
Swanepoel, Candice (Winry Michealis)
Sweetnam, Skye (Alana Foxxwell)
Temple, Juno (Alyssa Reid)
Tyler, Liv (Airiana Wolfgang)
Valverde, Isis (Neifile Cortez)
VanCamp, Emily (Gweneal Celestynka)
Woll, Deborah Ann (Genevieve Lund)

Ackles, Jensen (Nathaniel Belle)
Amell, Stephen (Mammon)
Barnes, Ben (Hikago Lionheart)
Barrueco, Diego (Logan Ravager)
Bloom, Orlando (Aris Petrov)
Booth, Douglas (Theseus Capulet)
Boreanaz, David (Artemis Capulet)
Franco, Dave (Jayson Marin)
Franco, James (Ivan Feofan)
Garfield, Andrew (Oliver Green)
Harding, Ian (Adam Bolton)
Kitsch, Tyler (Eragon Overlord)
Larsen, Samuel (Eli Avery)
Laurie, Hugh (Danyal Zyrkovic)
Leonbach, Austin (David Nickolaus)
Lerman, Logan (Logan Ravager)
Liboiron, Landon (Radley Marquez)
McAvoy, James (Claude Delanoir)
Miller, Ezra (Luka Hart)
Morgan, Joseph (Kol Nathan Zeklos)
Pavelka, Jessie (Elijah Zeklos)
Phillippe, Ryan (Jagmi Endrit)
Shelley, George (Matty McClair)
Sherman, Daniel (Dylan Damascus)
Shum, Harry (Zephyr Lee)
Strong, Rider (Silas Worthington)
Sumpter, Jeremy (Aragorn Hawthorn)
Somerhalder, Ian (Sergiy Monomyth)

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Face Claims
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