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A school for the offspring of the rich &powerful, plus the creatures that hide beneath the secure walls of Pemberton High.
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 Brooke Whitman

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Brooke Whitman

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PostSubject: Brooke Whitman   Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:59 am



Full Name: Brooke Jane Whitman
Nicknames: Brookie, Brooke.
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Guardian Angel
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Jobs: TBA


Hair Colour: brown
Hair Style: Wavy, soft bouncy curls sometimes.
Eye Colour: brown
Height: 5'4
Body Type: Curvy, nice bust and well toned backside.
Dress Style: Casual, chic, whatever she feels like.
Other Features:


Mother: Elizabeth Dequew (maiden name)
Father: Xavier Whitman
Siblings: none
Other Family none


Brooke was an only child who grew up in the Northern part of Australia. She lived and breathed the ocean. Her father used to be a professional surfer but stopped all this when she turned 13 years old. When she was this age, they decided they would move to Pemberton and she would go to Pemberton High, instead of being home schooled.

Brooke was devastated at having to leave her hometown, it was something that she grew up with and now she had to leave it all behind. She couldn't hold back on it because she would go against her motto of keep moving forward. She made it up when she was 6 and lived by it, and it was something that helped her though tough times. Who knew what life had to offer?

At the age of 14, she discovered that her and her mother were guardian angels. She thought they were just a fairy tale but soon discovered she was all wrong.

Personality A girl who hide's her pain with a smile everyday. Looks after everybody else before herself and never judges. Is silly and likes to joke around with her friends. She has a pure heart and a beautiful kind face. She is curvaceous and really sexy, but she doesn't think it. She is really self concious but everyone around her envies her. She loves sport and can hold her own, she is really tough and stands up for what she loves and won't let anyone get in her way. She is funny, sexy, sporty beautiful, smart and talented she would be the perfect girlfriend. She likes to flirt and muck around with the guys but when she has a boyfriend is completely faithful but is always afraid of losing them. The boys say all Brooke's are good kissers too.


Acquaintances (Fill out later)
Friends: (Fill out later)
Enemies: (Fill out later)
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Zephyr Lee

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PostSubject: Re: Brooke Whitman   Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:11 am


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Brooke Whitman
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