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 Aragorn's Class Rules and Lesson Plan

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Aragorn Hawthorn
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PostSubject: Aragorn's Class Rules and Lesson Plan   Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:05 am

Lesson Plan

[All Chemistry Classes]

Lesson One

Freshmen: What is Science?
Sophomores: Where does Chemistry step in with Science?
Juniors: How is Chemistry used in the real world?
Seniors: Can we take forms of Chemistry as careers?


Lesson Two

All Grades: The Periodic Table


Lesson Three

- Alkali Metal Lab
- Transition Metal Lab
- Semi-Metal Lab
- Halogen Lab


Lesson Four

- Alkaline Earth Lab
- Basic Metal Lab
- Non-Metal Lab
- Noble Gas Lab


[size=16]Rules of the Chem Room

As it is, I find rules to be a sour thing. Rules are generally meant to be broken, especially those absurd ones that are meant to keep different people in line. Ah well, not my decision. Unfortunately, as Chemistry is a rather dangerous class to take sometimes, you are to follow these rules that have been put into place.

Safety Rules:


Regular Rules:


Dress Code:



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Aragorn's Class Rules and Lesson Plan
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