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 Alistriana Honeycut

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Alistriana Honeycut


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PostSubject: Alistriana Honeycut   Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:07 am



Full Name: Alistriana Mayson Honeycut
Nicknames: Ali, Stri, Ana, May, Honey
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Mermaid
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Jobs: Corner Shop Shopkeeper


Hair Colour: Dark Brown, almost black
Hair Style: Long and flowing
Eye Colour: Pale, bright blue.
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Slender, curvascious
Dress Style: Nice, but not fancy.
Other Features: N/A


Mother: Samantha Cresswell-Honeycut -- Deceased
Father: Alistair Honeycut II -- Living
Siblings: Alistair Honeycut III -- Brother
Other Family Airiana Wolfgang -- Fairy Cousin


History: Alistriana was born to a pair of mermaids, out on the beach. Her father pulled out of the water enough so that his tail dispersed, but her mother remained in the water so that when she was born, she would be born to the sea and not to the land. It cost her mother her life, as when Ali was born, a man speared her mother through the chest.

Ali's father could do nothing but grab Ali and run. He took to the waters at first, and then lived on land for years. Eventually, Ali's aunt was married to Airiana Wolfgang's uncle (on her father's side).
Personality Alistriana is kind, friendly, and gentle. Despite the nature of many mermaids, which consists of luring men into the water and drowning them, she tends to keep to herself. She's a bookly person and she has yet to find out that she's a mermaid. All she knows is, she's never taken a bath, never swam in a pool, and never lived anywhere near water. Her father doesn't tell her anything about it, and her older brother is just as silent. So, she's without the knowledge that she is a creature of the water.

Ali has a dark side too, one that will take over if she's angry or scared. She will become hostile. If she is overpowered, she will run, but otherwise she will fight and take on anyone alone. She believes in a fair fight, unless the other isn't playing fair. She'd more than likely kill a man who pulled a knife on her, and less likely to let him be found.


Acquaintances Airiana Wolfgang
Friends: (Fill out later)
Enemies: (Fill out later)

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Zephyr Lee

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PostSubject: Re: Alistriana Honeycut   Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:23 pm


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Alistriana Honeycut
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