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 Human Nature

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Gweneal Celestynka

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PostSubject: Human Nature   Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:33 am

The name had been what drew her there. She had to just... just look. Just for a moment and then she'd leave.

She had no idea what she thought she would find, here at "Wings" but what she did find was...

The mass of people, swirling, dancing meshing into each other, was alive with emotion. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked at them all, not quite believing. This, this was the kind of thing that drove her to facnination at the human world. This was what would have driven Lux into giving up her wings. Gwen was sure of it.

Now, though... she was almost afriad of the force of it.

She turned to go when a commotion caught her attention. Her wide brown eyes caught sight of it. A fight.

That was the first word that came to her mind, but after a moment of anlyzing the people she realized how inacurate that was. This was not merely a fight, it was brawl. A bar brawl. The bodies fighting over each other, started by who knew what, half the people involved probably did not know.

Still, as she looked at the people, Gwen knew, knew she could stop it.

Taking the long way around the room to avoid the crowd, Gweneal pulled herself towards the DJ. A whispered word, a long blinking look from her innocent, kind brown eyes and the drowning club beat was cut off, replaced by something softer, yet still up beat.

Taking a nervous bite of her lip, Gwen counted the beats in her head. Waiting for the que she just instinctually knew.

"Looking out, across the night time,," her voice was soft, yet strong. It fell over the crowd like a blanket, in an instant everyone froze. The people watching the brawl instead turned to look at the angelic girl who'd appeared before them, the brawlers themselves merely pulled back their punches, blinking around the room as if in a daze, "The city winks a sleepless eye."

As the song moved on, her voice carried with ease. Dipping and growing with each new verse and chorus. The spell that her voice had - for it really did have a spell - spread across the room. Calming each person it reached until the will to fight had been completely forgotten.

"If they say why? Why? Tell 'em that its Human Nature."

The song


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Human Nature
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