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 Even the Mighty Fall

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Gweneal Celestynka

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PostSubject: Even the Mighty Fall   Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:05 am

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The world was still young when I was first born - created. I was not born, not as you human's would define the word. I have no mother, nor do I have a father. The only creator I had was the one that creates all - the great creator. You all call him many names, to me he is just the creator. An entity that cannot be defined, nor personified as he is.

I was young compared to my brothers and sisters. Many of them were created before there was even a world at all. They watched you all grow, evolve. They watched great civilizations rise, and then fall only to be replaced by another, bigger one. I watched this too. It fascinated me, how you humans could repeat your history so often, without even realizing it. Never fail, I could always see when a new power came on the scene, how it would end, because I'd seen it before, time and time again.

Nothing lasts forever.

That seemed to be the lesson you humans had to teach me. I only wish I had taken that more to heart.

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Even the Mighty Fall
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