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A school for the offspring of the rich &powerful, plus the creatures that hide beneath the secure walls of Pemberton High.
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 Coming fast - open

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Ramona Young


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PostSubject: Coming fast - open   Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:45 am

A constant rhythm was the only thing that Ray was concentrating on. She could go much faster than this -much, much faster- but keeping an human appearance was important. Especially when humans didn't even know creatures when to Pemberton High.

Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Ah- slow down a little bit Ramona. Don't want the coach coming after you wondering why you are not in track. Maybe it was best that she didn't have Christina Aguilera blasting from her earphones, distracting her. Ramona could only wish to have that vocal range.
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Charlotte Moone

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PostSubject: Re: Coming fast - open   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:16 am

Running. Running was one of the things Charlotte really loved. She could run in her true form, sure, but running as a spirit wasn't quite the same as running as a human. Feeling the wind carrying her hair, sweat seeping from her skin, cooling her down as the air hit it. There really was something special about running.

There was a girl in front of her, who seemed to be slowing down slightly. Charlotte smirked to herself, speeding up to try and catch up with the girl. She'd never considered herself unfit, not in the slightest, but she wasn't used to the limitations having a body gave her at all.

But she wanted a race. Might as well put the body through it's paces.


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Coming fast - open
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