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 Journal Entry #2 ~ Pemberton Ball

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Salea Marceza
Samaritan Spy
Samaritan Spy

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PostSubject: Journal Entry #2 ~ Pemberton Ball   Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:21 am

hey there,
Oct. 13 - Currently Annoyed!

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is a bloody ball coming and i feel extremely annoyed at the fact that
we're supposed to go.
attending balls is equal to making friends,
which is equal to torture. i may be a school girl, but i am not stupid
enough to make friends. they all just stab you on the back repeatedly
until you're dead, anyways, so i don't bother making friends. at all.
unless they force me to, which results to fights, or unless i want to.

back to the ball. i, personally, think it's the most stupid idea ever
invented. why? because balls involve dancing, flirting or making
friends, drinking, and getting a date. and not a single one of those are
things that i like to do. i mean, getting a date's already hard enough
for me, what would you expect when i start making friends?

this ball better be not wasting my

and out,


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Journal Entry #2 ~ Pemberton Ball
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