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 viva las vegas - new york

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Alexis Mavor

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PostSubject: viva las vegas - new york   Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:40 am

The City of Grand Rapids, Alexis thought sarcastically as she jumped the last couple of steps off the train station. The New York-Vegas girl glanced around the city with obvious distaste. It was the second largest city in Michigan and while she'd rather go to Detroit, she had managed to miss the train out of there.

"How lame," she said moderately loud, not caring for any of the surrounding people that heard her. With her wallet securely placed in her back pocket, she stopped in front of H&M shop and decided to go in.

Looking through some accessories first and grabbing a few hats, Alexis placed them in a shopping bag before going over to the female side of the store.



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viva las vegas - new york
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