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A school for the offspring of the rich &powerful, plus the creatures that hide beneath the secure walls of Pemberton High.
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 Averinne Drake

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Averinne Drake

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PostSubject: Averinne Drake   Sun May 06, 2012 1:25 pm

Averinne Drake


Full Name: Averinne Nathalie Drake
Nicknames: Avery, Av, Nat
Age: Looks 16, but she's actually a thousand years old
Gender: Female
Species: Mermaid (Can turn into Human whenever she likes)
Sexual Orientation: Not very sure, but she thinks she's straight
Jobs: Student, Junior


Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Wavy
Eye Colour: Hazel
Height: 5"2
Body Type: Slim
Dress Style: Casual, fashionable, leggings
Other Features:


Mother: Selei Drake (nee Roberts)
Father: Lucas Drake (deceased)
Siblings: She has 3 siblings. The first two (elder brothers) are already married and have their own places. Her elder sister, Aqua Drake, is currently applying for a job.
Other Family


History: Averinne was born in the English Channel to a mermaid and a merman. Her father died a few years after she was born, so she lives with her mother and elder sister, Aqua. Her elder brothers are already married, but Victoria isn't, so Victoria lives with Averinne and her mom. When Averinne turned 12, she, her mother, and Aqua moved to a lake near Pemberton High. Averinne started changing herself into human so she could sneak into places and get some food, since there weren't much to eat in the lake. Ever since Pemberton High was created, Averinne and her mom and sister lived in that lake. Averinne always watched Pemberton High from the lake and no one ever notices her. Her mother suggested that Averinne should attend Pemberton High. Her mother enrolled her into the school when she turned 14.
Personality Averinne is very shy and she's usually quiet. She doesn't talk to other people, and doesn't interact with other people. She can act rude and snappy when she wants to. There's no stopping her once she gets mad. The only people Averinne respects and cares about are her mother and sister. She gets annoyed by people who think they can help her.


Acquaintances (Fill out later)
Friends: (Fill out later)
Enemies: (Fill out later)
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Maeve Calypso

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PostSubject: Re: Averinne Drake   Thu May 24, 2012 11:58 am


Maeve's Outfit for the Ball:

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Averinne Drake
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