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 Alana Foxxwell

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Alana Foxxwell


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PostSubject: Alana Foxxwell    Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:40 pm

Alana Foxxwell


Full Name: Alana Lynese Foxxwell
Nicknames: Foxx, Lana, and Sever
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Mermaid
Sexual Orientation: Closeted Lesbian
Jobs: Student


Hair Colour: Naturally brunette, but is usually dyed unnatural colors.
Hair Style: Usually wavy up to the mid-back area. Like a wild girl, however is tame at times. Flowy due to time in water.
Eye Colour: Blueish-green
Height: 5'3"
Body Type: A healthy weight for her height. Tough yet looks quite sensitive to those who see her from afar.
Dress Style: Sever usually dresses in dark colors mixed with shades of the ocean. Her style however, is something you'd see from a rebellious person so looks are quite deceiving when you first see her from the face.
Other Features: Has a tattoo of a bulls-eye target on the back of her neck.


Mother: Ariana Foxxwell
Father: Unknown, but likely a rapist due to her mother having her as a teenager.
Siblings: A half-brother named Jeremy Phillips (14) as a result of cheating in college.
Other Family: Stepfather named Hunter Phillips, the one whom her mother was cheating on.


History: Life was difficult for a young girl such as Alana. Her mother was constantly pushed under pressure from her grandparents due to their conservative ways and wanted Alana to be given up for adoption, but Ariana resisted and kept her living in fear. Back in their small village, it was considered a sin to have children at such an age that she had ran away from home in hopes for refuge before little Sever was brought into the living hell. Ariana was a junior when she found out she was pregnant and figured that it had to be due to the person who had raped her mother in the back of a school bus forcefully and no one did a thing about it. Sever's mother had only trusted her boyfriend, Sean Kelskeay, after that happened and had got him to believe that Alana was his child, his blessing, his pride and joy. Ariana's family was angry at her for committing a sin that she wasn't considered part of the family anymore. Due to that, she usually spent time in the ocean figuring that the babe that was in her womb was also a mermaid to get the nutrients it needed in order to be a healthy merperson. Who would've thought that Ariana felt guilty of not telling anyone about the rape? Everyone thought so, but she didn't feel guilty as it was the surrounding people's fault for not reporting it. Since then, Alana had grew up in lies from her mother saying that she was a blessing brought to her from the moon and the tides.

Two years since all that, Foxx's mum had became pregnant again. She was only a freshman in college dating another man with him not knowing that she had been cheating on him. Sever soon felt jealousy at just two years old when Jeremy was born, but she had to deal with it. Soon, she had grown a love for torture deviced five years after he was born wanting to destroy him. Ariana didn't know why her own seven year old daughter was being malevolent wishing death and suffering on others in hope it'd give her more power. The 'surprise' which was Jeremy must've let the inner evil out of her and made her not wanting to be called Alana anymore, instead she wanted to be called Foxx or Sever. Sever had been living life in sin compared to her little half-brother whom was kind and respectful and had many friends and easily got along with people. While his older sister whom we know as Sever was arrogant and had pride in herself, she had been rebelling her own family which was considered a misdeed to the merfolk clan that her mother had came from. After all those years, Ariana found out about Pemberton High and sent Alana there in hopes that it'd make her sane again with her brother going to be going there with her the following year.

Personality: Sever is quite a strange girl when you meet her, she's not like any other girls her age. She enjoys reading about asylums, torture devices, and other things like that. Since looks are deceiving, she's actually quite a bitch to you if you ever try to get in her way. There's those times that she ends up acting like a psychopath due to her dementia which pretty much makes her mad. However, there are those times that she is actually sane and WILL be nice to you, but please don't let that slip past your mind as that's only once in a blue moon. Due to her being closeted, you can often expect her in front of others to say she's flirting on some guys when the truth is that she's actually flirting on other females.


Acquaintances (Fill out later)
Friends: (Fill out later)
Enemies: (Fill out later)

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Alana Foxxwell
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