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 Laetitia Belle

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Laetitia Belle


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PostSubject: Laetitia Belle   Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:01 am

Laetitia Belle


Full Name: Laetitia Rowena Belle
Nicknames: Tisha, Tish, Lettie.
Age: Looks eighteen but is too old to count.
Gender: Female
Species: Original Vampire
Sexual Orientation: When you've lived for so long what is the point in being picky?


Hair Colour: Blonde
Hair Style: Various
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5'7
Body Type: Curvy
Dress Style: What ever
Other Features:


Mother: Lady Mariella Belle (née Elwood)
Father: Lord Harold Belle
Siblings: Six siblings positioned all over the world
Other Family


History: Laetita was born in England during the 5th century. She's the twin sister of Ezekiel, the older sister of Evangeline and younger sister of four others. Laetitia's parents were highly influential and respected in their community and therefore so were their children, but they were also very protective which meant that they're children were quite isolated and unhappy. Laetitia never forgave her sister for trading their mortality for an immortal life, mostly because she misses being human and had a hard time never growing up and watching the people she used to know live their lives, fall in love and then eventually die (including the man she used to fancy, not that she'd admit to it). Not wanting to force herself to go through more pain, she chose to travel with her brother far away from the rest of her family, growing increasingly bitter with the years.
Personality: When in a good mood Tish is a flirt (bit of a tease), sarcastic woman but she has a much darker side because of the anger and bitterness she holds towards her younger sister. She's very bitchy, clinical and bitter and longs for revenge. She's also quite brutal and enjoys going on killing sprees, perhaps just to blow off some steam but also for the blood, even if she hates to crave it.


Acquaintances (Fill out later)
Friends: (Fill out later)
Enemies: (Fill out later)
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Evangeline Belle

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PostSubject: Re: Laetitia Belle   Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:50 am


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Laetitia Belle
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