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 Matthew McClair

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Matty McClair


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PostSubject: Matthew McClair   Thu May 02, 2013 1:37 am



Full Name: Matthew Christopher McClair
Nicknames: Matty, Mate
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Confused (he thinks he's gay, but he will fall for a girl, which is the reason of his confusion)
Jobs: Student


Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Style: Styled to look like it's messy
Eye Colour: Chocolate
Height: 5'9
Body Type: fit
Dress Style: soft grunge
Other Features: always wears a bracelet that he got from his first boyfriend


Mother: Michelle McClair (born Michelle Victoria Jenkins)
Father: Anthony „Tony“ McClair (missing in action/deceased)
Siblings: Nicholas „Nick“ McClair, Livia&Gaia McClair (twins)
Other Family Jenkins grandparents, Raffa and Anya, aunt Frida McClair (deceased), great uncle Tobias McClair


History: Matty's father was a great warlock, who disappeared during field work some 15 years ago, when Matty was only a little baby and his sisters weren't even born. His wife inherited his great family fortune and continued working on their company, gradually making it the most successful business in that area of work. She didn't know her husband had any kind of powers, so when his uncle Tobias approached her on the twins 12 birthday to inform her that her children might have been born with vast ammounts of magic in their blood, she was confused and shocked. Somehow, she managed to cope with all that and invited him to stay and live with them, so he could help them bound their magic, as the last surviving member of the powerful McClairs only could. So far, only the twins, Livia and Gaia, developed powers, and unlike his older brother Nick, Matty is completely fine with it. Magic scares him and he is not sure how he would deal if he became one of „them“.
Personality He is a gentle soul, a kind person and very insecure, but it often come off as cute. Even if he doesn't like you, he'll try to help you if he can, because that's how he was raised and he likes the feeling he gets afterwards, like he made a difference or something. Since he was little, he felt safer with another boy near him, and it didn't take him long to realize that girls are scary and boys are more understanding than them. Little does he know that there are more kinds of love out there, and that labeling yourself wont get you anywhere, not really.


Acquaintances (Fill out later)
Friends: (Fill out later)
Enemies: (Fill out later)


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Matthew McClair
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