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 Insight Into a Mind of a Teenage Werewolf Insomniac

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Zephyr Lee

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PostSubject: Insight Into a Mind of a Teenage Werewolf Insomniac   Sat May 04, 2013 1:15 am

Dear Diary,
I am
writing to you because

Actually, why am I doing this?
Ignore everything I just said.


God this is stupid
Guys don’t write diaries
Ignore that too.
Ok diary
Let's have a deal. You won't judge me, and I'll stop scribbling and then crossing out nonsense in you. Do we have a deal?
Like you can reply...I'm an idiot
Sorry, that was the last of it, now it's all out of my system.
Anyhow, as I was saying, I need someone who won't judge me. I'd usually talk to Wonny, but she's in the dark about all of this. They all are. All of my friends, so far away from me, in another town, being normal, not having to go through painful transformations, not knowing why I drifted apart from them, but not caring either, cause they couldn't stand the person I've become. If they only knew.
If I could go back in time and stop all this from happening, trust me, I would. I'd still be the joker in the class, who hid his intelligence, but managed to get on the good side with everyone, who had a girl he loved in his life, who was happy, who was ordinary.

Yeah, but that's not gonna happen. I'm a werewolf. A freaking wolf. No, a dog. I get hairier by the day, my eyes change colors, I can't sleep anymore, especially when my change is approaching. I'm ill tempered, sometimes I snap at people without a reason, and I got to keep them all away from me. Especially my family.
Who cares about this lot? They're all the same as I am, I probably couldn't hurt them even if I wanted to.
Fine, I'm lying. I already care about
Never mind. They're better off without me. She Everyone is.
If I was sure that it wouldn't kill my mother, I'd go somewhere far and find the bastard who did this to me and make him my teacher. Or rip his limbs off and make him watch as I cook them for his family to eat and get revenge.
Today I saw her again
This day is near it's end, but I wish it never happened. I don't know what to think about some people. I don't know if it's wise for me to befriend them. I know that it's in my nature to constantly be surrounded by people but what if I

Anyhow, Wonday gave me this diary to write everything down. She is a very smart girl and she knows I am hiding something from her. I can see it in her eyes, she's worried about me. She looks at me like she thinks I will fall apart or something I don't want her to worry, and she doesn't want me to keep things inside. so I'm doing this for her.
And, for myself as well.


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Insight Into a Mind of a Teenage Werewolf Insomniac
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