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A school for the offspring of the rich &powerful, plus the creatures that hide beneath the secure walls of Pemberton High.
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 Away From Everything

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Salea Marceza
Samaritan Spy
Samaritan Spy

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PostSubject: Away From Everything   Sun May 27, 2012 10:19 pm

Salea walked towards the Garden, not knowing that it was the one and only Secret Garden. She had only seen it sometime last week, and she decided to pay a visit. It looked amazing, and there were tall hedges that were like mazes. She sighed. This was her chance to turn into a Black Dog, and so she did. All anyone, now, (as if anyone were around) could see was a jet-black and dull dog strolling in the Garden.

Salea sighed. Or growled, in other words. She wanted to stay away from everything, now, and didn't want anyone to talk to her. She wanted peace and quiet, nothing else. She continued walking, hoping to see something different (besides people). She walked around in circles, not knowing what to do. She finally had time for herself, yet she has no idea what to do, now that she is completely alone. She continued walking around. Thoughts flooded in her head. "What is there to do in here? What is this place? Oh, great. I landed myself in complete silence and I have no idea where to go," she thought. More thoughts flooded in. "Gosh, is it THIS quiet around here? I wonder if anyone else can get in here? Hm..." she turned her self back into a Human, hoping that no one saw her.

Salea sighed once more. She was very bored. She has nothing to do, no one to talk to, and nowhere to go.
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Away From Everything
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