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 Gweneal Celestynka

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Gweneal Celestynka

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PostSubject: Gweneal Celestynka    Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:21 am

Gweneal Celestynka


Full Name:Gweneal Celestynka
Age: "Offically" 15, however her spirit or whatnot is farr older than that, and the body is far younger.
Species: Fallen Angel
Sexual Orientation: Unsure
Jobs: Student


Hair Colour:A light, light brown, or dark, dirty blonde
Hair Style: Long, and straight; falls simple around her shoulders, almost with ease
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Body Type: Tall and slender; willowy. She looks like she could be snapped in half, delicate.
Dress Style:Neat, pressed, clean. Sweet and innocent. Likes pale colours, like whites, pinks, blues, peach. Often falls towards skirts, and dresses.
Other Features: Two long scares on her back, evenly placed apart. They run vertical from her shoulder blades.


Mother: The great Creator
Father: The great Creator
Siblings: A time when all fellow Angels considered siblings, however, as a fallen, she is essentally alone.
Other Family: N/A


History: Gweneal is considered a "Young" angel. In fact, she was the youngest Angel, created long after most of her brothers and sisters. She was created for the pure purpose of looking over and connecting with the Human world. The world was in a struggle, and the greater beings wished to have one of them closer to the people, meant to sympathize more than her jaded older siblings, who had spent far too long in paradice to understand the ways of these beings.

This however created a problem for Gwen; she was stradled between two worlds. She longed to be part of the human world, to understand the ways of life that she had been so a part of, but she was still an Angel. Her outlook and raising was different. She fit in neither place.

As such, it was decided that her greatest wish should come true; Gweneal was permitted to go down to earth in times of great struggle, to try and spread some peace, and love as the Angels knew it into the people.

But earth proved to be too much for Gweneal. There were emotions that Angels simply did not understand. A reserved race, where love was nothing more than a kindness, a strong attatchment but nothing more, Gwen discovered the thing that they all lacked - passion.

Despite direct orders, she got too involved in this magical world of people. She interacted beyond her orders, beyond the kind words, she was supposed to be making. And as she interacted, she became attached. She befriended, hated, and loved many of the people she came in contact with. Hate, was what feared her the most. Love, the Angels had a version of this, but hate... hate was so strong, so dark, so unangellike. She did not know how to handle it, she did not know how to control such an emotion. And as such, she broke a major rule of her mission. She used her powers as they were not to be, she broke the rules -

She killed a man.

Years of debate raged, as those faught for her and against her. Time passed in both worlds, except for Gweneal, who was lost in her own cell, lost in the horror of what she had done.

Finally a decision had to be made; Gweneal was to be bannished from the world she had, although never fit into, grew up in, loved dearly. Gwen was to become a fallen.

Now, given her dearest wish, a chance to be almost completely human, a few of her powers remain, Gweneal if filled only with one desire. To behave as she should have the first time, to spread hope and love, and eventually have her wings returned, and to get home once more.

Personality Gwen is soft tempered and reserved. She keeps to the background as much as she can, although she has an aura about her that draws attention to herself, as much as she wished it would not. She is compassionate, and kind - she feels responsible for much of the world, and their problems. A feeling that only heightens when she gets to know a person. Which, due to her nature, she avoid doing.

All this being siad, it doesn't mean that Gwen does not have a temper. Although soft spoken, she does speak her mind, and is willing to put her two cents in whenver she feels the need to. If crossed, she can unlease a temper that is botha spiteful and a forced to be wrecking with. She can hold grudges, and hold them for a long time.


Acquaintances (Fill out later)
Friends: (Fill out later)
Enemies: (Fill out later)

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Zephyr Lee

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PostSubject: Re: Gweneal Celestynka    Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:52 am


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Gweneal Celestynka
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