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 Random Facts

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Artemis Capulet
Artemis Capulet

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PostSubject: Random Facts   Random Facts EmptyMon Aug 20, 2012 1:05 am

Facts about me that nobody knows

  1. I used to be in gymnastic but
    quit cause my floor coach was a dick
  2. When I was in cheerleading I got
    most spirit award a lot
  3. Donated my hair twice to locks of
    love. First time was a dare by my brother
  4. I am only 5'3
  5. I love to quote movies.
  6. I almost fell out of an apple tree
    because my friend was filming to see if I can get up and down really
  7. I have a little cousin Skylee who
    actually called me mom when she was really little
  8. Mountain Dew is the way to kick
    off the day
  9. Skittles is my crack! Lol I get
    really hyper
  10. My grandpa did everything with me
  11. It was funny to watch me walk
    beside of my grandpa. He was 6'3
  12. I find a good book and I could be
    gone all day
  13. My middle name is Renee'
  14. I have one brother is a year and
    four days younger. People thought we was twins
  15. I was mistaken as a little boy
    when my mom had me in a pink dress, black mary janes, pink bow and
    white ruffle socks.
  16. I have never won a beauty pageant
  17. Once I tried to ride my aunt's
    house, maverick bareback.
  18. One of my aunt's toy poodle loves
    watching movies with me. Wizard of Oz is our favorite.
  19. I used to collect spoons
  20. I have my grandma's thimble
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Zephyr Lee
Zephyr Lee

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PostSubject: Re: Random Facts   Random Facts EmptyWed May 01, 2013 11:08 pm

1. I'm 5'4
2. That's really short for Croatia, average height here is 5'8
3. My mom is taller than 5'9 and my dad seems sky high compared to me
4. My 11 year old brother is taller
5. I have freckles everywhere
6. I ruined my hair dying it black, then read, then blue, then bleaching it, so it's currently only up to my chin
7. My natural hair color is light brown/dark blonde/shines orange and red
8. I have one green and one brownish eye
9. My star sign is Pisces, and the other sign I was born into is Scorpio so I often fight with myself
10. I used to pretend to have an imaginary friend named Broccoli
11. I hate asparagus
12. I have a little puppy named Kai, she's a Labrador Retriever
13. I had a period of writers block recently, it was 8 months long
14. I used to be a gymnast as well, but my grandma made me stop doing it because she didn't want me "losing my virginity to splits"
15. My dad and I barely talk
16. I'm getting a new tattoo soon
17. I had my nose pierced when I was 14
18. I used to be called Snooki cause I was so short, now they call me Ariana Grande because they say we're both small and cute (that makes me happier than Snooki)
19. I believe in fairies
20. I still think I'm Peter Pan


Random Facts Tumblr_m46mtnBuo91r8ol9io1_500
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Elspeth Seraphim
Elspeth Seraphim

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Age : 21

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PostSubject: Re: Random Facts   Random Facts EmptyThu May 02, 2013 12:30 am

un. i really like french.
deux. i score a two on the kinsey scale. (out of six.)
trois. i am a horrible perfectionist and i get very ocd when it comes to grades. even if i get a 99% i will still feel depressed.
quatre. continuing from above, when i do get depressed, it's for ages. like i can just feel very left out and fuck my life and it lasts for hours.
cinq. i tend to hate teachers more than the actual subject.
six. i underestimate myself.
sept. i play piano and soon i'll be sitting for a grade 7 exam.
huit. i hated ballet and quit it because i couldn't stand it, but i regret that.
neuf. i won a beauty pageant but it doesn't count.
dix. i love easily.
onze. there are only five people in the whole world i will actually die for.
douze. despite my moodiness i'm a social person.
quartorze. i get jelly a lot and really easily.
quinze. i get most of my feelings and muse from music.
seize. my favourite bands of all time are florence + the machine, bastille, imagine dragons, haloo helsinki! and apocalyptica.
dix-sept. i can sing(?????)
dix-huit. i want nothing more than to leave my school and do great in the wild wild world.
dix-neuf. i wish i was legal.
vingt. i hate fruit, and i like vegetables.


Random Facts LJDHx
avvie to will of caution 2.0, and siggy to india (ivorychains) of shadowplay
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PostSubject: Re: Random Facts   Random Facts Empty

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Random Facts
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