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 Interesting Notes, Quotes, and Text Files

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Silas Worthington
Silas Worthington

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Interesting Notes, Quotes, and Text Files Empty
PostSubject: Interesting Notes, Quotes, and Text Files   Interesting Notes, Quotes, and Text Files EmptyWed Dec 05, 2012 9:02 pm

Hey everyone, so you know how you sometimes find text files on your hard drive?

Here are some notes I took on a book I read years ago.

Quote :
The Gondoliers in Venice are supposed to sing good
Famous singer Caruso went to Venice and ate stuff; boring detail
Went on boat ride; Gondoliers could sing better; he swam away
Luigi good boat pilot; Took some family out on his boat; Couldn't sing
Father not successfull; Nine year old terror; Other kid whined and
hated the one-year old brother; Mom fat and bossy; Goldman thinks
it's funny
Whenever Luigi sings in his boat, he can't sing good; people throw
fish at him; that's the plot
People throw fish at Luigi anyway even when he's not singing
His mother and his fiancee shun him because he can't sing
Family that runs Tavern is fat; Tavern owner rude; English couple
come in; Tavern owner only serves gondoliers; Owner threatens to
make English people drink horse pee to make them go away
Tavern owner tried to serve food, but everything he cooked made
people gag
Dialogue is boring; Weird details that don't matter
No one wants to teach Luigi to sing; He goes to a deaf guy called the
Pickle and the deaf guy tries to teach him to sing; Pickle tells him to
hang upside down when he sings, and eat lots of pasta; People didn't
know why people got sick near where he sang and had to go to the
Big storm; Church by tavern catches fire; Phone doesn't work, and Luigi
goes to get fire people
Luigi thinks he's going to drown; William Goldman digresses to talk
about three famous American sportsmen, only way it's connected is
because one guy's a surfer, he shifted his weight on the surfboard to
keep his balance
Luigi shifts around on the boat; He finds the fire people, he tells them,
they put it out
The thunder's loud; He's on the boat keeping his balance again;
He sings really loud, but no one can hear him; He's happy he got
to sing in the canal, but he gets to sing in the ocean all the time.
Everybody that was a gondolier decided to sing bad like Luigi because
he was great and could shift on the boat.
Then gondolier singing was banned. The end.

I actually find these notes kind of funny when I read them now. Thoughts? Or perhaps there's something you'd like to share from your hard drive?
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Interesting Notes, Quotes, and Text Files
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