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Pemberton High

A school for the offspring of the rich &powerful, plus the creatures that hide beneath the secure walls of Pemberton High.
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Now knowing who her father was, Kay felt a little bit more tense to everything around her. It was the somewhat constant flashbacks to to her past life, the one where she betrayed her father. She walked down the halls of the Samaria Tower, her father's tower, clearing her mind as she had a recent flashback.

Nike was flying around the sky, her wings sprouted out. Nike looked happy and carefree, something she hadn't been feeling lately with the impending war that was among them. She had betrayed her father and even if she knew she was siding the good side, it hurt her to be so away from him.

Kay snapped out of it before she went in too deep. She was with her father now and she was happy. She was going to get through this one way or another.


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