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 Beyond The Stars

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Gweneal Celestynka

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PostSubject: Beyond The Stars   Sat May 04, 2013 11:45 am

Gweneal laid on the floor of the room, gazing up at the night sky out the window. The stars twinkled down at her, looking warm and familiar, and yet they managed to make her feel completely alone. The stars, outer space - when a scientist looked at the night sky they saw the solar system, the majesty of their precious science. Someone of faith always saw what was beyond the stars.

People thought the stars watched them, and while it was true that something was watching them, it wasn't the stars. Those that looked down on the earth, saw the world that was created by their own creator, yet completely different from their own did not actually live someone "up in the sky"; yet the myth was enough to make Gweneal nostalgic for the home she lost. The home that despite the greatest struggle on her part she was not sure that she would ever be able to get back.

Were they up there now? Looking down upon her, upon the life that she had ended up living? This was what she had once thought that she wanted, and while there were the merits to the human life she was now forced to live, there was something to be said for home. Earth was not her home, and while she loved it with a passion of a fond creator, protector, it could never be the home that she lost.

Sitting up, she pulled her knees into her chest, and allowed her long golden brown hair to dance around her shoulders, as if there were a breeze although there was nothing of the sorts. It was one of those few things that still clung to her, that hinted at the creature that she once use to be.

Now she was just a human.

With the heart of an Angel.

"I'm sorry," she murmured to the darken sky. She had insiders information. She knew that unless they wanted to listen, no one could hear her, at least not anyone that wasn't in this room with her. But that didn't matter, she still needed to say it. "I know I can't make up for what I have done, but I am so very, very sorry."

"Please take me back."


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Beyond The Stars
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