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 Rules and Roommates!

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Brooklyn Valenzuela
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PostSubject: Rules and Roommates!   Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:14 pm

Rules will be enforced at all times!

1. Curfew on school days is 11 P.M. and on weekends, curfew is at 1 A.M. Doors will automatically close will not allow you in unless you ring the dorm supervisor. You will be warned the first time and after that, you will be placed in probation. If by the third time you fail to follow rules, you will not be allowed to leave the dorms other than for classes.

2. No boys in the female dorms and vice versa after 9 P.M. If there is a special reason why one needs to stay, inform the dorm supervisor and they will either allow it or not.

3. The only place boys and girls can be together in the dorms is in the lobby.

4. No intercourse!

5. Try not to bother your roommate if you have one. Pick up after yourself! Custodians will not clean your rooms!

6. Pemberton is not responsible if something is stolen that you might have left in either the lounge, bathroom or patio.

It came to our attention that most of you don't obey the bolded rules, if you don't do so, we'll be sending out professors from time to time, to check on the open topics, and if they notice people breaking the rules, they can interfere and punish your character, but they don't have to. Let's face it, boys will be boys, girls will be girls and rules were made for breaking. It's all up to the handler of the professor or/and the theme of the topic.

Girls Assigned Rooms and Roommates

Boys Assigned Rooms and Roommates


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Rules and Roommates!
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